Shyla Spead

An extrovert AND an introvert. A 7 on the enneagram who loves people and cannot wait to hear their stories... the deep ones….you know, the ones that transcend party chit-chat?  that's me. 

Addicted to story collecting and story telling. Not in the verbal sense, but in the visual one.  Let’s spend the day together and I’ll narrate the beauty for you. Your only job is to show me all of you…the nitty gritty, down and dirty, elated and loving whole of your being ….  and I’ll show you the art in it that will make your heart pitter-patter.  Then you will want to hug me and call me your bestie.

And, if we are ever on a bestie quiz-show , it’s important you know that I can’t dance to save my life, thought I could sew my own wedding dress but failed miserably, lived (and birthed a child) in SE Asia, and am obsessed with the smell of Icy Hot….. You know, just in case they ask.

Having traveled the world for this fabulous camera-wielding gig, I call Colorado home-base, but will follow the mountains(and a good story) anywhere they call.

So, yeah, let’s make some magic together. You, by simply being you…. and me with my camera. 

Published In

The Knot
Martha Stewart
Rangefinder Magazine