Well hello! I figured you stumbled over here to learn a thing or two about this Shyla chick. So…. where shall we begin?

For starters, I smile…..A LOT.

And when we meet I will probably hug you. But if you aren’t the ‘huggy’ type, I am sure we can try for a good hand shake…just be forewarned… I was the reigning girls arm wrestling champ in college.  **  It took me 5 years of shooting weddings before I FINALLY gave up trying to shoot weddings for 10 hours in HEELS. ** My adult dream is to live in a treehouse **  Home Depot and Anthropologie both sing a siren song I simply cannot resist   **  Living in Denver is practically perfect in every way … except that I now live 1,980 miles from the nearest Flatbread Company  ** The smell of IcyHot is like catnip to me.  **  My shampoo bottles think I’m a great singer  ** I officially have the most adorable dog in the world — promise  ** And lastly, I simply adore this crazy life.

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