The lovely Jacqueline weds her handsome Scotsman Peter….in a barn…with a lot of kilt action… and pretty-ness.

By the way, did you know…. that when a Scotsman goes ‘true’ it means they aren’t wearing any undergarments under those kilts?  Just a fun fact I learned from shooting this lovely affair. I’ll also have you know, Peter asked his groomsmen to go ‘true’…. just in case you were wondering. 

Jackie & Peter, you two truly bring a smile to my face being around you. The kindergarten teacher and the head hunter are the most perfect combination… From breakfast that morning on a whim, to your engagement session, to shooting, and even editing, blogging, slideshow-ing… it has been a non-stop grin-fest. Enjoy this new season of life Mr. & Mrs. Henry.

And lastly, for a slideshow of the day….. **click here**

Vendor Love:

Assistant Photographer extraordinaire for the day: Kelly Lorenz

Wedding Planner: Lisa Light

Videographer: Josh Rask with Clark + Walker studios [You can see Jackie + Peter’s teaser trailer here]

Ceremony: St. Ann

Reception Venue: Stonover Farm

Stylist: Joe Murray with Hale Salon

Catering: Mike Balloon

Florist: Crocus Hale