Fully immersed in wedding season and navigating some crazy things makes me feel like I am living in a game of dodgeball.  Who in their right mind enjoys a game where they get hit with flying objects at varying speeds?! Well, all that to say… I guess I should duck a few projectiles and share a wedding or two!

First up, Joe and Courtney’s wedding up at Searles Castle in Windham, NH. I love the chosen venue because Joe’s last name ‘Sonnenburg’ means “sunny castle” in german, so it was a perfect venue for these two. Fellow west coasters who made the trekk out for a New England wedding, and thankfully the weather didn’t disappoint!

Enjoy a few scenes from the day….

Like most brides, Courtney hid behind the closet door when the groomsmen came a callin’…

What is it about weddings that turn us all to mush?

The bride’s father… I love the character in his face. 

JJoe seeing his bride for the first time… My favorite part of a wedding day

Joe and Court chose to hold a foot washing ceremony during the service….. An intimate moment highlighting their Christian faith by symbolizing the act of  servanthood. One of my favorite quotes reads…


“Love is not a feeling in the chest, it is bending down to wash another’s feet”

The groom’s Sister-In-Law gets the party started.

A fun moment caught …

I think this is my FAVORITE shot of the day.  Completely straight from the camera… I love the reflection of the video light off the grooms shirt and illuminating the bride’s face

The happy couple off to Fiji!