I often sit and wonder how I get so lucky… lucky to be apart of such an intimate and joyous occasion in peoples lives, lucky to get to capture that all on camera and preserve it for them for generations to come. I sometimes do not know how to say THANK YOU enough. Thank you for inviting me (a stranger to most) into those sacred moments… into your ‘holy of holies’.

With this wedding (Amy + Al), I just picked out a few moments to illustrate what I mean. Instead of the traditional spread with the shoes, flowers, details, etc etc. I wanted to share what really matters. Why I am REALLY there…

To capture these moments.

like how after several attempts the frustrated bride was ready to have a meltdown, they FINALLY got the hair juuuuuust right and Miss Amy was Thrilled.

… or when the bride and groom see each other for the first time

How about when the bride shed tears during her vows and her new husband gently wipes them away… I guarantee all in the audience were doing the same to their own eyes.

Their intimate communion time hidden behind a tree, where the shared a laugh that was unseen by the guests. And the following prayer only each other could hear…

when the groom steals a glance at his bride

Or when you capture the bride’s grandpa joyfully making his own memories. Moments during the ceremony that the bride never saw.

Yes, Al, you definitely scored with this one.

Amy attacking her new husband with gail force winds…

These are just a few sacred moments you encounter during a wedding celebration but it’s moments like these that keep me coming back for more.