I just realized I’ve posted kids a LOT lately. I promise I am still a wedding photographer, too. Posting weddings are a longer process so when I am in a time crunch, these are easier to share.

As we all know, young kids do not exactly sit still for photos. I think this is great! Because honestly, they’re real personality shines through when they are being themselves. Moving, dancing, jumping, playing. This makes our jobs “harder” or more “challenging” but its all a part of the process of entering into their world and documenting who they are. A fun trick I have used lately is to have the child dress up and tell me a story. Most of the time they get totally into it and not only are you entertained, but you get some fun shots of who they truly are versus “sit and smile and look happy” shots.

Here are some photos from StoryTime with Luka, I’ll try to remember pieces of her story.

“This is the story of a fairy princess… and her kingdom”


“…She was SUCH a beautiful princess…”



“…And she would have balls at the castle and dance with her prince allllll night long…”



“…some of the people in her kingdom looked funny, like giants”



“…there was even an evil witch name Ellie…”



“…she was mean, but the unicorns were nice…”



THE END (total shoot time: approx. 8 minutes)

Bottom line… don’t go into a kids’ shoot with an agenda. Be flexible, enter into THEIR world, and allow them to unfold who they are. Those are the photos parents will truly want as a keepsake.