I have been apart of Abi & Ryan’s photo lives since the year they were married when we shot her bridal fashion.

Then I shot their one year,

Then I shot Ryan’s brother’s wedding in Mexico.

Then it was their two year,

…missed their three year because of distance. :[

But now they have added a little man to their lives and we were at it again!

Abi & Ryan adopted little man Finley from Uganda this past November. I FINALLY got to meet him while out in California a few weeks ago and I remembered back…

I remember getting the phone call they decided to adopt their first child.I remember the loooong agonizing process of waiting and waiting to be matched with a toddlerI remember getting the call they got a BABY! not a Toddler, a baby!I remember getting my first text from Abi with his photo that his foster parents sent from Uganda.I remember following the whole process via her adoption blog flooded with letters to baby… then letters to Finn.I remember how much he was loved long before he was even born.

And now, I can say this… Finn, you are quite possibly the most loved child in existence. And the life you have been given will far exceed your expectations. The mommy and daddy God gave you are truly quite special. Some day when you are grown, whether you are the next football star, soccer star, or R&B singer (we have all made our wagers by the way), you will probably argue with your parents over who has made the most impact in each others life. You are all a gift to one another and the three of you combined are a marked gift in my life as well.

So cheers to family Q and cheers to fun new photos.


I chose to shoot the entire session in B&W so for all you color-blind blog readers, this post is for you 


you must know that neither of the below photos were posed. Finn did that all on his own. [my $ is on the R&B singer by the way – and the shot on the right will be his first album cover]