A Boston area photographer, I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Zoe through an email. Yup, just like that. She sent me an email asking to go to coffee and I happened to have a few free days, so we met. And have continued to meet on occasion when my schedule allows. Nestled into the tiny little Atomic Cafe booth overrun with college and master’s students….we found out a common ground outside photography that is foundational to our lives. A few elements of my beings we thought were rather isolated in our little corner of the world. But we each found a friend in a fellow photographer that extends beyond the lens.

So, internet, meet Deborah. Some of you may already know her, but meet the Deborah I saw. The little spitfire who really can work the camera if you get silly enough.


(ps) proof that Deborah is my kind of lady, she hired me to do her shoot and then sent me an Anthro gift card as an extra thank you. Girl after my own heart right there. Thanks, lady friend