I seem to find it easy to procrastinate on anything BUT decorating for Christmas. Once Thanksgiving was officially over and everyone else got up at 3 am to go shopping…. I got up at 3am to get my tree on. Ok — maybe not 3 a.m. but 4 a.m. – I am sure of it.

I decided to throw a little twist into my traditional Christmas decor and do a full on installment above the fireplace.Wooden spools, jute twine, clear ornaments and feathers, OH MY!

I wanted something different, and different is what I got


The annual Penguin Tree and my recent ornament addition. It’s one of my now favorites



And a few details… including, of course, the hand carved goodness Dad Galligan has gifted me over the years. Again with the speak of favorites. I LOVE these guys and display them every chance I get.



Happy Christmas Decorating!