The rugged artsy type.

10:30am: I show up at the :e:-loft with the ingredients to make breakfast and start our day off right. You know, a hearty warm breakfast so we could attack the day with strength and vigor. [see 12:30 pm]

11am: Sorted through Eric’s closet picking out his wardrobe. He was my life-sized barbie doll. “Here put this on… take that off…um… and you can just leave that off if you like. 😉 We concocted some great entertaining outfits but I was banned from capturing them on camera. Something about not trusting me? blah blah blah… I dont know WHY he couldn’t trust innocent ol’ me.

12:30pm: Gave up on breakfast and ate granola bars instead. haha. I made quiche but for some reason something went wrong and I ended up using it as a frisbee into the garbage can:)If anyone can tell me WHY the quiche wouldn’t solidify in the center you will be my hero. Egg soup wasn’t on the menu so Nature Valley came to the rescue.

2pm -6pm: drive out to Marblehead and start the shoot. The weather was forecasted to be nice but alas it rained…and rained…and rained… so what was supposed to be an outdoorsey rugged man shoot had to be moved inside. Luckily, my new place has an old barn so we morphed it into a rugged…uh… artsy-man shoot. Eric played the part (or just played himself) quite well.

Check out the fun from the day….

You probably can’t tell because of the smile but I think this is where Eric started not liking me. Something about being barefoot with no jacket in a drafty barn.

And then I think this is where Eric started HATING me. “Let’s remove the hat too please, Eric.”

The end.:)

Rachelle - June 7, 2009 - 12:42 pm

I absolutely love these. You so nailed the artsy-rugged thing. And that paper flying thing? Wow.

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