Show and Tell… (Elyse + John)

I was the kid in kindergarten who took show and tell VERY seriously…. whether that meant bringing my kid sister doll ( along with her ENTIRE wardrobe) into class, gathering every sea shell I had ever collected and dumping them on my desk, or simply lugging my whole toy box into our share circle, I always loved to share more than required, necessary, or even desired… but much like today, I couldn’t help it.
I sit here at my editing perch for hours trying to pick images to share on the blog but each time I do, I feel like I am enduring a form of chinese water torture.
No, I am not being dramatic…. just honest.
With each rejection, saying goodbye to an image is one drip…then another drip and another and another.. for hundreds of images. drip. drip. drip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think all my images are blog worthy or even that good for that matter… I just want to share my whole experience with each and every one of you EVERY time. I want you to experience everything I experienced and see everything I saw!
I’ve been told I post too many images, I’ve been told I need to play a little hard to get and not be so willing to share everything all at once (I think that particular comment was directed at more than my just blog though…hmm?) and I was even told tonight that a good photographer should be able to tell a story in 5 images or less. And yes, I agree with all of them…. but for yesterday, today, and probably for many many posts here-forth, I will continue to post too many images and continue to share more than I need to because I just can’t help it…. I don’t want to help it. I love life, I love taking pictures of life, and I love sharing life. So cheers to many more hours of chinese water torture and blog posts that are way too long… thank you for being apart of the “share circle” and enduring the full wardrobe display! 😉

[and thank you to all my lovely friends who receive countless emails that say…”which image do you like better, I cant decide?” 😉 ]

Now onto John and Elyse…
You all saw the surprise engagement, …. now here is what took place during the day leading up to the moment:)

With Elyse assuming she was just modeling for my portfolio, here are some of the fun images we got.


(ps) special thanks to the Zickell family for granting us access to your lovely cape house to shoot!

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