Surprise Engagement!

“Someday somebody’s gonna ask you, a question you should say yes to…once in your life. Baby tonight, I’ve got a question for you”
– Old 97’s

I woke up to grey dreary weather and a few natural deluges that rendered my morning shower useless. Mumbling a few quick “God, pleeeeease give us good weather” prayers under my breath, I set out for an expectant day of rainy mess. This was one “fashion shoot” that couldn’t be cancelled due to inclement weather because it was no ordinary shoot… today was the day John would ask Elyse to be his forever. BUT not until 4:30pm [the scheduled time we decided we would set it all up] 😉

We met up in the a.m. and piled 4 people, 1 dog, and half of Elyse’s closet into the SUV. A quick “we-are-starving” pit stop at Starbucks and we hit the road to Cape Cod. With Boston’s downpours behind us, the cape welcomed us with bright “soft-box clouds” and 68 degree weather. SERIOUSLY?!… predicted a 100% chance of rain, but I wasn’t complaining 😉

Arriving at the borrowed cape house, we set up camp in the kitchen and began the make-up application and wardrobe selections. Meanwhile John’s nerves are writhing his stomach in knots and everyone but Elyse could see it.
[T minus 4.5 hours till showtime].

We begin the shoot and all the while you hear his redundant inquiries of the time. For John the hours inched…for Shyla they flew. 😉

After a few hours of shooting it was obvious that we had to get the show on the road or this poor boy may just die of anxiety.
A few drizzles here and there but the rain held off until an hour before showtime…that was when the skies elicited a 10 minute downpour before ushering in a BEAUTIFUL full half rainbow over the ocean. So we non-chalantly made our way down to the beach, utilizing the now blue sky, and shot a few portraits until it was go-time baby. Hiding the ring in his guitar case, John retrieved the goods from the car and went to join Elyse at the “next spot I would pose them” (aka the jetty). What transpired next is documented in the slideshow below….

walking down to meet Elyse…posing a bit… offering up a sweet prayer…and then the decent to bended knee.
She’d had no idea….


As soon as the proposal was finished, the skies darkened and the rains came once again. Could it have been more perfect?

(all the ‘fashion’ pics to come later… I need to enjoy the party now!)

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