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I could sit here and apologize for my poor neglected blog, but I wont. Because neglecting my blog and other “work” related ventures was necessary to focus on my lovely family.During this amazing holiday season I felt the need to focus. To offer my undivided attention and truly milk the holidays for all they offer… […]

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Fashion Victim

Being home these last few days have been full of attic digging. Unearthing old pictures and memorabilia has left me in states of nostalgia, laughter, and embarassment. I’ve rather enjoyed digging up the last 7 years of journals and thumbing through them. Or even discovering lovely lil’ gems among the last 20 something years of […]

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So I am officially home for the holidays. (yay.) annnnnd, its snowing! I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but I got a little excited so I ran out to the patio in my PJs this morning to make my snow angel. I shoulda let the snow pile up a little more, but like […]

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**Hint Hint**

Dear Mom & Dad, We go over this every year… and every year I leave you exasperated and utterly frustrated that I COMPLETELY REFUSE to give you a Christmas List. I understand you want to play it ‘safe’ and ensure I get gifts I actually like, but I’m a hopelessly stubborn mule and continue to […]

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Ohana means family!

While in LA for Thanksgiving I had the privilege of spending time with the wonderful SD Ohana Family! Now if you are anything like me, you have seen and memorized every cartoon Disney movie (and if they are musical the songs as well) so it came as no shock that the whole time I spent […]

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Show and Tell… (Elyse + John)

I was the kid in kindergarten who took show and tell VERY seriously…. whether that meant bringing my kid sister doll ( along with her ENTIRE wardrobe) into class, gathering every sea shell I had ever collected and dumping them on my desk, or simply lugging my whole toy box into our share circle, I […]

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